Vague at its vague-ist.

What day is today? Oh yes.  Tuesday.  I guess that means that every Tuesday I will add a new post.  I’ll start off simply today, because I drank a bottle of “Revive” Vitamin water which apparently did the opposite to me and turned me into a drowsy, bloodshot eyed mess.  I’m looking forward to getting this done so I can sleep.  Anyway….

I was finishing up some mundane morning tasks when Tweedle Dim Sum came click clacking her way towards me.  I’m going to point out now that, for obvious reasons, since I still make a ton of money there, I’m going to keep myself a nameless entity.  Well, close.  Since Tweedle Dim and Dum Sum never seem to get my name right, I’ll pick ridiculous names at random and just go with it.

Tweedle Dim Sum: Hey, hey you.

Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile: Yes?

Tweedle Dim Sum: (With an absentminded wave of the hand)  Go do everything.


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