Not Getting Paid

It was 10:45.  We close at 9.  I had one table left, and they wouldn’t leave.  The radio, the TV, and most of the lights were off.  Plus all of the food was gone, and all of the kitchen staff were sitting at a big table towards the back of the restaurant just staring at these people like they were planning on eating them.  These people, despite all of the signs that we were no longer in service, kept asking for more alcohol.  The drunker they got, the less they cared that I had taken a seat almost right next to them, with my jacket on, simultaneously reading a book and sending texts to my boyfriend.  I suddenly feel a disturbance in my calm little center I had built around myself, so I looked up to see Tweedle Dum Sum standing next to me, her hands on her hips.

Tweedle Dum Sum:  You still on clock?

Betty Boop:  (I paused for a moment.  I couldn’t tell if I had heard her correctly.  It seemed like a question with such an obvious answer.  I went about this carefully.)  Yes.  I still have a table.  I’m-”

Tweedle Dum Sum:  You realize how late it is?

Betty Boop: (Another careful pause)  Yes?  I can’t get them to leave.

Tweedle Dum Sum: Why you still on clock?

Betty Boop:  Because I have a table.

Tweedle Dum Sum:  I want to go home.  I have kids.

Betty Boop: So do I.  I’d really like to see my kid tonight too.

Tweedle Dum Sum: I want to be with my kids.

Betty Boop: Me too.

Tweedle Dum Sum:  What is wrong with you?

Betty Boop: I….

Tweedle Dum Sum:  You have to clock out.  So I can close down the computer and go home.

Betty Boop:  But I am still here working.

Tweedle Dum Sum:  Stop arguing!  You are such a bad server!  You don’t do your job!  This is why I give you all the bad shifts!

Betty Boop: But what did I do?

Tweedle Dum Sum:  (She scoffs disgustedly)  I can’t believe you!  You have so much nerve!  Clock out so I can go home!

Betty Boop:  I don’t really think that that is legal.

Tweedle Dum Sum: Clock out so I can go home!

I stayed at work, off the clock, for another hour so she could go home.  This became a repulsive trend at the company.  I did, in fact, start getting the really awful shifts.  Working from 7 pm to 9 pm and such.  Almost every night, I was forced to clock out at 9 and continue to work, off the clock, until my last table left.  I easily worked an extra 10 hours a week without getting paid for it.



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