The new job.

After I was told I would be getting horrible shifts, Tweedle Dim and Dum Sum made it a point to follow through with their punishment.  My shifts were short and terrible, and I could barely survive off the scraps and spare change I was able to scrounge up while I was there.  So, I started looking for a new job.  A second job, really, something to help supplement my income at the restaurant.  I decided to keep the job, partially because I knew if I could work even just one weekend shift, I’d be rounding out the month with a few hundred dollars in my pocket.  But mainly, it was because I wanted to make this site last as long as possible, and I have nothing else of any importance to write about.

Tweedle Dum Sum: Your schedule change.

Deadmau5: What about it?

Tweedle Dum Sum: You can only work Saturdays now?

Deadmau5: Yep.

Tweedle Dum Sum: Why?

Deadmau5:  I got another job.

Tweedle Dum Sum:  What do you mean you got another job?  (Before I got a chance to respond, she interrupted me.) How could you do this to us?  After all we do for you?  You so lazy and ungrateful!

Deadmau5:  I had to get another job, Tweedle.  I can’t survive on one weekday shift a week.

Tweedle Dum Sum:  Why you do this to us?

Deadmau5: It’s not like you really need me anyway.  (Can you see how little I care?)

Tweedle Dum Sum:  You stupid girl, you need to ask me permission before working somewhere else!


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