Cell phone ban

We keep our own money at work.  We take cash from customers and give them change from a bank of ones and fives that we keep in drawers with our names on them.  Calculators are sometimes necessary, so when my broke ass opted for the one dollar calculator, I shouldn’t have been surprised that it broke on its second day of usage.  I took out my cell phone and started using its calculator function.  I was punching some numbers  in to figure out the change needed for a customer when Tweedle Dim Sum magically appeared behind me.

Tweedle Dim Sum: What you doing?

Queen Elizabeth:  Using my calculator.

Tweedle Dim Sum:  (She looked at me with anger flowing out of her tiny little eye sockets.)  What you need calculator for?

Queen Elizabeth:  (I held up my customers receipt) Figuring out the change for this table.  (Cue the big unbearable smile)

Tweedle Dim Sum clacked away briskly.  A little while later she, in a terrible attempt to pretend that she wasn’t stalking me, poked her head from around the corner and glared.

Tweedle Dim Sum:  You “doing math” again?  (She said this condescendingly, using her little matchstick fingers to make air quotes.)

Queen Elizabeth:  Yes, actually.  (I held up another receipt)  My calculator is broken.  (She stared at me for a few more moments before walking away.

The next day, before we opened, Tweedle Dim Sum held a meeting.

Tweedle Dim Sum:  Just wanted to tell you there no cell phones allowed.  (She points at me.)  Don’t be a liar like her and say you using calculator.

I stared at her, unmoved by her parade, to the point that the other employees starting getting a little uncomfortable.


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