Taking The Blame (OHMIGOD PART 1!!)

In one of the first days working at the updated 6th layer of hell, I was told to help take soy sauce bottles off of the tables so they could be emptied out and cleaned.  My friend, and Asian guy that actually hated me so much he offered to get me a job here, told me to grab the bottles from the C section.  I had a tray full of bottles, when Tweedle Dim Sum charged her tiny little feet over to me.

Tweedle Dim Sum: What you doing?

Queen of the Damned: John told me to-

Tweedle Dim Sum: You don’t do this section now!  Do this tonight!  Only do A and B section now!

I was still new and impressionable here, and I wasn’t jaded enough to throw the attitude back yet, so I tried to be patient and polite.

Queen of the Damned:  Sorry, John said-

Tweedle Dim Sum: We always do it the same!

Queen of the Increasingly Annoyed: I didn’t know, John told me to grab these.  (I said this so quickly I likely sounded Asian myself for a moment.)

Tweedle Dim Sum:  You don’t do these now!  Just because you are new here doesn’t mean you get to change the rules!

This was pretty much my first experience with Tweedle Dim Sum, and it was not at all positive.  This is how I was treated within the first week, which sets up a pretty negative precedent for the rest of my stay here.  I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank John, for knowing he was to blame, yet standing by and doing absolutely nothing.  If there isn’t a stereotype about Chinese folks sticking together, there damn well should be.


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