Not worth the 40%

Tweedle Dum Sum was checking our our receipts from the shift the night before.  She walks up to me while I’m at a table and does this.

Tweedle Dum Sum: What does this say? (She shoves a receipt in my face.  The bill was 108.00 and they left me a 40.00 tip.  It was incredibly generous, and I remember the family clearly.)

*&^%: Yes, they left me a 40.00 tip.  It was a really nice family of 5.  They seemed to really like me.

Tweedle Dum Sum: This can’t be right.  You not good enough to get big tips. (She melodramatically crossed the 0 off of the 40 and walked away)

*&^%: (To my table) Well, that was interesting.

Despite her trying to change it, Tweedle Dum Sum was unable to take that tip away from me.  On top of that, when the table I had left that night, they had given me a 50.00 tip, with the note, “You DO deserve big tips” Written on the bottom!  Tweedle Dum Sum never said anything to me about it, but I wish I could have at least seen her face.


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