Empty Spaces

One morning, I was supposed to open the restaurant with Chris and Gary.  Chris called to tell us he gotten called to stand duty, as he was in the Army Reserves and was on constant call.  So it ended up just being Gary and I that morning.  We sped though our opening duties and got everything in good working order before we opened.  We were sweaty and tired but we managed to make it work, and we were both incredibly proud of ourselves.  Customers started coming in, and without any managers around, we decided to plan things out ourselves and split the restaurant in half.  Tweedle Dim Sum was late that day because she was in the process of buying new houses for 3 of her 4 daughters.  (The 4th was, she told us, was “too ugly for a house.”)  When she came in and saw the neat and orderly way we were handling things, she thought it best to wiggle her hands around and fuck everything up.

Tweedle Dim Sum: What is going on here?

Poodle: Chris couldn’t work today.  It’s just the two of us.

Tweedle Dim Sum: Who do you think you are?  You new manager now?  You in charge?  You make all decision?

Poodle: I-

Tweedle Dim Sum: You can’t just change seating chart.  You have E and F, Gary has C.

Poodle:  Then who has the other part of the restaurant?

Tweedle Dim Sum:  You make decisions now? You in charge? Nobody sit there today.

We changed everything around, and within half an hour, Tweedle Dim Sum herself was seating big parties in the ghost section.  The ghost section was filling up quickly, and Gary and I started discussing how we would divide them up.  Less than a minute after we began talking, Tweedle Dim Sum scurried in between us and nearly pressed her forehead into my chin, she was so close.

Tweedle Dim Sum: You have to go take those table!

Mind you, I was on the opposite side of the restaurant.  Gary was closer and, unlike my friend, actually had morals and kindness and stood up on my behalf.

Gary: Actually, since my section is closer, I’ll take them.

Tweedle Dim Sum: No!  She has to take them!  (This is followed by a moment of indecipherable Mandarin.)

I spent the rest of the day running from one side of the restaurant to the other, taking care of two thirds of the restaurant while Gary desperately tried to help.


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