What Do You Want From Me?

When I’m at work, I like to sing.   It keeps my brain occupied and lifts my spirits, which is important considering I have verifiable proof that I work in one of the seven layers of hell.  I also have no shame and I sing loudly.  I was singing away one afternoon while making change for a customer when I feel someone breathing on my back.

Tweedle Dum Sum: What are you doing?

Janet Jackson: I’m getting change-

Tweedle Dum Sum: No stupid. You singing.

Janet Jackson: Oh, yes I am. (I turn around and continue to sing.)

Tweedle Dum Sum: This make you sound crazy.

Janet Jackson: Why?

Tweedle Dum Sum: Because crazy people talk to themselves!

This wouldn’t necessarilybe a big deal, but later on that night I overheard her singing an Adam Lambert song, loud enough to start getting complaints from some of the customers!


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