So, folks, I believe that this is going to be my last post with Bleep My Boss Says.  I almost feel saddened that there are no more torturous incidents to report, but when all is said and done, I’m obviously incredibly thankful that I am out of that place.  It made me sick with worry, it made me hate my life.  Being able to write about what was happening to me, however, was a huge help for my broken psyche.  So thanks to all who bothered to read my stuff, and laugh and how horrible Tweedle Dim and Dum Sum were to me.  I’m sure that this page will have other stories straggling in, stupid stuff I’ve heard other bosses say, but my weekly posts will be ending today.  Its one of the reasons I decided to consolidate all of my other stuff.  Even though Bleep is over, I still have plenty of crap for people not to read on the site.  So..with that, I have one final story for you.  I was taking my kid over to the sitter for the day so I could head off to work.  When I got to her house, I looked at the clock and realized that I had somehow messed up, and my shift had started almost an hour ago.  That seemed to be the breaking point for me.  I hate being late for things, and being late for something I hate so much was too much for me.  I called work and told the first person that picked up that I was sick and couldn’t come in that day.  And I never bothered going back.  By that point, I was already working a second job, and only going to this place on the weekends.  I tried going back, I really did.  The money was great there and I figured I’d have plenty more stories to add to the site, so I called to get my schedule.  The first time I called, the hostess sounded nervous, like she expected me to yell at her, and told me to call back.  I called back, and was put on hold for 20 minutes when they realized who it was.  The next day I texted 3 co-workers and none of them responded.  It was like I no longer existed to them.  I could have driven to work, but it was a 45 minute drive away, and I didn’t know if I even still had a job there.  So driving 45 minutes to check my schedule and find out I had been canned didn’t seem worth it to me at all.  Everybody there had pretty much already signed my death certificate, so I didn’t have much hope in the situation.  I finally got a hold of Tweedle Dim Sum, after calling non stop for a week.  This, ladies and gentlemen, was the final conversation between she and I.

Me: Hi, I’m sorry I didn’t make it into work Saturday.  I was wondering if you could give me my schedule.

Tweedle Dim Sum: (Long dramatic pause) You come here to get it.

Me: I live 45 minutes away though.  Can you please just give it to me over the phone?

Tweedle Dim Sum:  You want it come get it.

Me: Can you at least tell me if I still have a job?

Tweedle Dim Sum:  No.

Me: I don’t have a job?

Tweedle Dim Sum:  I not telling you.

Me:  You do realize that this is completely immature right?

Tweedle Dim Sum: (Click.)

And that was how I got fired and quit at the same time!


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