Go into business with a child? You must be insane.

Well, it seems as though I am, because this is, in a sense, what I am doing.

A few months ago, my 7 year old daughter and I went to a store in our home town that specializes in pagan and wiccan supplies.  Books, art, candles, that sort of thing.  There was a huge display in the front of the store showcasing what they called “Fairy Houses.”  They were gorgeous!  Little worlds built inside of flower pots, these fairy houses had ponds, swimming pools, trees, patio furniture, and more.  I loved how intricately designed they were, down to the little cans of pop on the little tables.

My daughter was amazed.  She stood staring at them for so long that the woman who designed them came up to her and asked what she thought.  Beaming, she gushed about how talented the woman was, and how much fun it must be to build these all day.  To my surprise, the woman took my daughters hand, and the three of us went into a huge open room filled with boxes of art supplies.  The woman sat down on a rug, pet the store kitty, and asked my daughter to help her build the next fairy house.  She practically exploded with excitement!

We all sat together on that rug for nearly two hours, my daughter helping this woman the whole time.   She made fireflies in little jars, a table with cards on top, and a few palm trees, and loved every second of it.

Since then, my backyard has been transformed into a work space for her.

At the shop, the materials used were synthetic.  Wood beads and plastic leaves and the like.  But without those supplies, my daughter has gone for the more organic approach, and builds them out of rocks, mud, bottle caps, etc.  Her love for building them has been passed on to all of her neighborhood friends, and they come over nearly every day after school to make new houses in our backyard.

The sad thing about building something with natural materials is that someday, it is going to fall apart.  Decompose.  Be knocked down by cats and rain and wind.  And every time, like a balloon losing its helium, my daughter weeps for the loss of her new fairy house.

This is when the idea came to me.  I’ve been toying with the idea of going into business for myself, but the start up costs and the actual idea I’d work with are difficult to obtain.  I’ve had some ideas, but none have stuck so far.  So I asked Sophia if she would want to build permanent fairy houses with me and sell them.  She couldn’t have been more excited.  What could be better than getting paid to sit at the table in the evenings and do crafts with your child?  Also, I feel like she’s bringing more to the table than I am, considering how she is way more creative than me.  I’ll be getting tips and advice from her, not the other way around.

We also talked about what we would do with the money.  I am letting her have some to spend, of course, and some for me, and we also want to take a portion of the money earned and donate it to the Humane Society, as we both love animals and would love to help them.

While talking about our fairy house business, I mentioned to my daughter how I had just finished writing a children’s book, and had plans for a few more.  Considering her creativity, I asked if she would draw the pictures for the books, and she agreed!

As of right now, we just have a few half finished pictures, and some really big ideas.  I’ll be talking about our quest to pull together the funding for the fairy project, put up pictures of works in progress, and share some of the stories I have written and art that my daughter has created.  We hope to self publish the books, and will advertise both the books and the fairy houses here when they are done.

This is going to be an incredibly unique and fun experience, and I’m looking forward to sharing the joys with you all!


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