Calm down, you.

I need to relax a little bit here.  I need to remind myself that this is fun, that this is not supposed to be a race, or a get rich quick scheme, but rather, a nice relaxing time spent with my daughter.

We are really cranking things along though.  The other night we brought a few works in progress out, and lines up all of our supplies.  I feel as though they aren’t ever really done.  If they are still in our possession, there is room for improvement.  We started working on a fancy spa this week, with a tub made out of a seashell and a sink made from a rose.

I am having a blast with her.  Building fairy houses really does allow me to spend time with her, and relax, and enjoy each others company and creativity.  The part that I’m having a hard time accepting is that not all of the fairy houses will be good enough to sell.  Some of them are too basic.  I’m considering it practice, I suppose, but some of these supplies were expensive.  I am trying not to worry about cost, and focus instead on how much fun we are having with them.

So far, we have a bedroom, an outdoor winter scene, a playground, a spa, and a workstation that my daughter just started, equipped with a work bench, tools, and various scraps of stuff we have around the house.  Like the kind of things Tinkerbell would find.  Screws and pencil erasers and so on.

I guess I’d be happy if one out of every 3 we made is able to be sold.  The rest, for us, is just fun and practice.

On another note, I finally got a new computer, and I also found the cord to my hard drive, where all of my children’s stories were hiding out.  I gave Sophia the old computer, which made her feel like a teenager.  What I’m planing on doing is copying the stories to her computer, so she can look at them and draw the pictures at her desk whenever she wants.  Hopefully, one of our first books will be done soon!!


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