Get yer writing’ hats on, folks.

In just a few days, National Novel Writing Month will begin, and it will be off to the races for thousands of hard working writers.  National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo for short, is a collection of people from around the world who devote the month of November to writing a 50,000 word novel.  This amounts to 1667 words per day.

It sounds staggering, I know.  But what I have loved about this challenge is that the focus is on quantity, not quality.  We have 11 months to edit and pretty up the mess of jumbled incoherent words we slap into a word program during the month, but at least we all managed to get the words on paper, and a story has begun to grow.  This s my fifth year doing this, and I cannot wait.  Not only is this a fun and challenging month with which I almost always get a good solid story churned out, but it is a fun way to get together with other writers, and also to just get out of the house, doing something other than working and grocery shopping.

This year, I believe my story is going to be one I have tried writing three separate times and have been unable to get going further than a few hundred words.  It’s a huge challenge, focusing on writing 50,000 words when I can barely manage 200, but I figure that since the month is all about forcing the words out, this project would be a good one to work on during the month.  It is  story that currently doesn’t have much substance, but I am hoping that while I am writing, that beautiful thing will happen when the story starts to create itself.  The story is about a girl at work, who carries around a radio to talk to her other employees with.  The radio picks up a transmission of something, and the girl responds.  Is it an alien force?  A person about to, or currently creating a crime?  A ghost? The girls future self?  Does she respond by running away?  Listening to the voice?

I have no idea where its going, but I hope that by the end of the month, I have something solid to hold on to.


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