I’m running in tight little circles.

This National Novel Writers month is not going well.  I’m hitting my word count, I’m actually almost 1000 words over where I need to be at the moment, but my story is going nowhere.  Usually this doesn’t bother me.  I could write 50,000 words about some girl cleaning her car and think nothing of it.  But my problem is that I am at a spot where my main character needs to be lead somewhere by a sinister force, and neither the main character nor the sinister force know what to do next.  My story up to this point has pretty much lead itself along the path, going where it chooses without any barrier from me.  I love when a story can do that. But now my characters are as confused as I am, which is incredibly deflating.  I’m stuck at a spot where my character, Ella, is eating Chinese food and getting ready to sleep.  But when she wakes up, where will she be going?  What will happen next to her?  Nobody knows.  I need to figure it out soon, however, because Saturday marks a day where the Cleveland NaNoers will be having a 24 hour word war with Santa Monica (I believe) and I am looking forward to that, considering I can write fast as hell when I’m in a hurry.  Tell me what to do next, Ella, for I am at a huge loss.

I’d like to take the time to also mention that because of the state my mind is in, that is, the NaNoers mindset where grammar and sense are no longer important, I find that writing normal things like are incredibly difficult for me.  I give up.


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