The building shall soon commence!

I am divorced from my daughter’s father.  While I don’t want to fill this blog with any negativity, as the fairies wouldn’t be happy with me for that at all, I will say that child support does not come in regularly.  The positive side of that, however, is that when it does, its always a huge amount.  I always break it down by getting something for me (this time, he gave me enough to buy a car!) I didn’t need one during the early fall, but I really didn’t want to walk Sophie to school through the winter blizzards, so the car was helpful.  The rest of the money, about a hundred or so dollars, is going to getting some supplies for the fairy houses!  Sophie could not be more excited, and has been planning out some of the designs for the last few days.  I’m looking forward to getting this all started too!

I have also been writing a lot lately, and Sophie is excited to draw the pictures for me.  One story is about a fairy looking for a new home. (She finds one in the backyard of a little girl who can’t stop building fairy houses!) And I just finished a story about the moon refusing to go to sleep.  I’m currently working on a third story, about our three legged dog, Lucas, running away from home.  About 3 months ago, he ran off and was gone for a day, and we still talk about what he did all by himself in the big city.  She likes what I have so far on that, and is getting ready to start drawing the pictures for it.

I guess the only concern I have right now is if I should self publish or try to find an agent or a publisher for it.  This has been plaguing me for a while, because I have some grown up novels and short stories I have written.  The idea of hunting down an agent is daunting and makes me a little queasy, but will I actually get the recognition I hope to deserve from self publishing?  While it might be easier, it might not be the best option for us.  So I will continue to ask the fairies for help, and hope that the beautiful houses we create will be an inspiration for all of us.


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