The publishng shall soon begin!

I found out recently from a fellow writer that self publishing is not as costly and infuriating as I had originally expected.  What she has been doing is getting copies for herself, editing them, fixing them and getting new copies.  She keeps doing this until everything is just right.  The self publishing sites make you believe that you have to pay to have somebody edit and format your novel.  But with a bit of patience you can easily take care of it yourself.  So after November is over, I am going to get my novel published.  The novel I have been working on for 7 damn years.  Who would have thought that with something as simple as a little button click and I could be on my way to getting a copy of Polarity in my hands?

On a different note, I am at about 21K on my novel.  By tomorrow I should be at about 25k, but I think I will be able to pull it off.  I feel as though the story is going nowhere, but I’m pushing forward and hoping for the best.  A few days ago the characters starting building themselves, developing their own personalities, and allowing me to simple sit back and dictate what is happening instead of trying to create it on my own.  It is an incredibly beautiful and powerful moment when that happens in your story, like reaching nirvana, or having a really good orgasm.  So, even if it seems pointless, I’m getting out the words, and that is all that really matters.


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