This is more fun than I ever would have imagined.

I finally got a little bit of money from Sophie’s father, and after getting some necessary things taken care of, I decided to take Sophie shopping for supplies needed for our fairy houses.  We stopped at Dollar Tree first, and spent about 20 dollars on a couple of things.  We found moss, sea shells, little pumpkins and trees, etc.  We had fun looking through each aisle, carefully considering every item and wondering if it was good for our fairy houses.  After we were done shopping there, we went to a huge craft store in our neighborhood called Pat Catans.  Immediately upon entering, we were completely blown away by the selection there.  There is an aisle specifically dedicated to tiny house decor, and we spent a bit of time there, finding little brooms, books, and gardening equipment.  We found tiny Christmas lights, sparkly leaves, beads, buttons, jewels and the like.  We only spent about 75 dollars, which was surprising, considering how much stuff we purchased.  I bought a few bead storage containers, and Sophie spent the evening organizing and labeling them with all of her new purchases.

The next day, we began to build. I made a winter scene, and Sophie made the inside of a house.  We spent about 2 hours creating together, which was magical.  We were calm and relaxed, which is huge for me, considering how rushed and stressed I usually feel.  Building fairy houses with my daughter is the equivalent of spending a few hours at a spa, getting a facial and a massage while listening to tinkly new age music and smelling aromatherapy candles.  We had a blast.  After a while we decided we were done, but I don’t think they are quite ready yet.  This is not something we have to fly through, like the houses are on a conveyor belt and we have a strict deadline.  This is something that requires time and patience, love and creativity.  I feel like we will be going back to them periodically, adding things, changing things, and enjoying them even more.
Since we built the first two houses, I have since built a sink out a giant flower and a seashell, and a lamp, made out of the top of a small round cardboard box and the stick from a push up popsicle.  Sophie has also started a new fairy house, building a slide out of a leaf and Q-Tips, and using a cocktail umbrella over a picnic table made from a cardboard box.

When I am done writing this, I will be going on to to build our site.  Hopefully, within the month, we will be able to put our first fairy house for sale!


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