New Crafty Idea!

I took Sophie to Pat Catans the other day, slyly disguising present idea hunting as a fun whatever sort of trip, when we came across the coolest things I’d ever seen.  They were small cardboard houses, the largest being about a foot tall.  They had cut outs for doors and windows, and the roof came off, exposing the interior of the space.  Sophie and I were both so excited to find them, and immediately starting coming up with ideas for the fairy houses.  I’m buying a few of them for her for Christmas, just for play, but intend to buy more for the fairy house crafts.  We were thinking about prettying up the exterior, putting paint on it, adding curtains, maybe sitting the house on some grass or putting up a fence.  And then the interior will be just as we’ve been doing.  Small scale, natural looking decorations.  I like the idea of having walls to decorate on.  We can put pictures on the walls, wallpaper or wallpaper trim, and even use 3-D scrapbooking stickers for decorations.  I’m going shopping for her this Saturday, and I can’t wait. I think that this will be a creative addition to our fairy houses!


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