A new story!

Sophia and I have begun brainstorming, with the help of my boyfriend, to come up with a new story that involves our two dogs.  They both have 3 legs, and I had the idea to make something inspiring about them being superheroes.  The idea that something with a disability can be a superhero will give hope to any children out there that are suffering with any type of mental or physical disability.  It is still very early in the making, but Sophie has already drawn a picture of the two dogs in the story, and they are better than I could ever draw.  I actually tried to draw them next to her picture, and it was just sad.  We have a few special talents that the dogs will have, and I think our 3 legged cat is going to be in there somewhere, and the 4 legged cat will be the villain (obviously).   Hopefully at some point soon we can get the ideas all solid-like and get some words down!


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