The sad amazon contest.

It turns out that if you win the contest I had been talking about previously, Amazon gains full rights to your story.  There is some speculation, as the rules are filled with long lawyer-ly like words and situations, that even if you don’t win, simply submitting your story allows Amazon to take your rights away.

Um. No.

Excuse me, the whole reason I wanted to self publish with CreateSpace (an AMAZON company) was because I didn’t want to lose my rights to anything.  I have a real issue with the idea of selling my novels soul to corporate publishing devils.  I am stubborn and refuse to let anyone tell me what to do with my story.  So the hopes of winning the grand prize have been squashed like an ugly spider.

Ah well.  I’m still planning on editing and publishing the sunuvabitch.  Which brings me, somehow, to this.


Yes.  We have been talking about this for a while now, but are proud to say that we have now been put on the waiting list to get a studio space at a place in our town called The Screw Factory.  I have decided to get started on some painting ideas that have been banging around in my skull, and my boyfriend and I are planning on self publishing our books and selling them at the store.  We originally wanted to get an actual storefront, but that is expensive and time consuming.  By getting a place inside of a giant studio building, we will be exposing ourselves to many people all at once.  They have regular parties there, and gallery showings, so we will hopefully get some good traffic there.  I have no idea when this is all going to happen, but to be on the waiting list gives us solid hope.


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