My fingers are sore in the way that I am assuming peoples legs feel after they go on a long run. I obviously wouldn’t know how this feels, because I have been too busy lately giving my fingers a workout that they won’t soon forget.  I’m sure they are doubly happy that I decided to stop editing my novel to write more nonsense about how much they are hurting at the moment.

Everything has been approved by good old Amazon.  The formatting is correct on the novel, the cover has been created, and I have been assigned an ISBN number, which is likely the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.  Now comes the final edit, the most tedious part of this whole ordeal, and the part that will reward me the most when I am done.  There are a few things I need to do with this bad boy.  First, I am editing the actual novel.  Checking for grammatical errors, rewriting sentences I don’t like, and making sure that there are no continuity or logic issues I have messed up.  Secondly, I need to repair all the weird typos that converting my story from a word doc to an ODT doc did.  Every single quotation and ellipsis now has to be put back in to the novel.  Finally, I am going to need to play with the spacing and whatnot so that chapters begin and end on the page exactly where they are supposed to.

It is a long and arduous task.  I’ve been working on it for a week, and have managed to complete 16 pages.  Out of 187.  I was hoping that within the month I would have this done, but I feel as though it is going to take me a little longer.

Oh well.  I have waited 8 years to be able to get as close as I am now, so dealing with some editing for another couple of months doesn’t seem all that bad in comparison.  Especially since I will be a published author as soon as this is all done.

It is back to work for me.  I’ve got another 20 minutes or so of coherency.  After that its all giggles and a raging desire to sleep.

I think my fingers need me to ice them first.


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