The Work-In-Progress

We decided to take a break this week on the winter house, because Sophie had a few ideas that she wanted to try out. Last week, we went back up to the craft store and I found her something she had been wanting for a while. It was a little mini tool box, filled with saws and wrenches and screwdrivers. It gave her an idea.

The house we worked on this week was a work-in-progress, and I don’t mean our work. We started designing a house that when finished, won’t actually be finished. She thought it would be interesting to make a house that looks like it is being worked on, complete with primer grey walls, painters tape around the perimeter, and a rolled up length of carpet leaning up against the wall. Her tool box sits on a small table in the room too.

We haven’t finished that one yet, because she excitedly came up with a new idea that we started to work on. She wanted to make a house that looked like a little girls room on the inside. So far, all we have been able to do is paint the walls purple, and Sophie made a fantastic bed out of a shell, some fabric, and a few glittery pom poms for pillows.

We have a few more ideas as well, things we came up with while we were working together.

Living Room

Dining Room

Boys Room


But I’m hoping we can get at least one finished before we move on to any new projects. Although this is Sophie’s thing, she is the one in charge, so I play by her rules.


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