My book is looking significantly more like a book.

Last night I changed the size of my working document to the size it will be in book form. Createspace had given me many options, but I stuck with the simple 6X9, primarily because if I chose one with decimals I would end up forgetting what size it was. I wanted to make sure the page layouts were correct, that all the chapters started on the beginning of each page and whatnot. But as I went about editing it last night, and again today, I was amazed by how much my words are starting to look like a book. Yes, I have an ISBN number, and a cover design, and my name on the cover, but I was looking at it last night as though I was reading something on my boyfriends Nook/Kindle (Whatever he has). It was surreal. My book is getting closer and closer to being completed each day, and if I can just remind myself to stay focused and continue editing, it shouldn’t be much longer until it’s finished.

There are, I think, 263 pages right now. That’s not bad for a novel, right?

Another thing I need to remember to do while editing is to stay focused on the grammar and punctuation, and nothing else. It seems as though every time I reread a sentence, I find 7 more things wrong with it that I want to fix. The problem, I’m realizing, with science fiction, is that so much of it is based on nonsense. What I talk about in my novel, these are things that have obviously never happened. But I start rereading things, and I start to wonder if it makes sense to the reader, if I need to go back and re-explain something, if something doesn’t fit right with the idea I’m trying to convey. I start to get all jumbled up, so much so that I lose track of what I was trying to explain in the first place.

I need to stop editing the story. What is down is down. What has been written, can never be unwritten. The story has made sense to me, and those who have read it, for 8 goddamn years. Changing it up at this point is not necessary. But it is hard to read the story over again, checking for periods and quotation marks, and not get frustrated and decide to start the whole thing over again.

I’m so close to the end, though. I have to stop thinking like that.


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