Dusty the Ghost Kitty

Say you’re walking down the street one night with your friend, and you feel something brush against your leg. You look down, and you don’t see anything. For one quick moment, you wonder if maybe there is something down there that the shadows are hiding. You shrug it off and keep walking.

But what if that fuzzy feeling on your leg doesn’t go away? What if the furry little hidden creature decides to follow you home?

This was a new idea for a story that Sophie came up with. The cool thing about this story is that, while I plan on tweaking the story telling a little bit, the story itself is essentially being written by Sophia. Throw her unique art style in for the pictures, and we have a completed book that Sophia will have done entirely on her own.

I had wanted to get it started last week, but some stresses around the house made even the most basic of things seem like mountain climbing in a wet suit. This week, though, things are smoother, the wet suit is off, and the story will begin.

A really cool thing I noticed is that Sophie is suddenly becoming aware of her dreams, wanting to write them down and try to make sense of them. She had a dream last night about a school for witches, so I feel like this might be something we’ll be writing about soon too.

It’s nice. With her writing her own stories now, it’s one less thing I have to worry about. Now if I could just get her to start cleaning the litter boxes…


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