Hiatus, shcm..shim..something that rhymes with hiatus.

Dude, fuck this writing. /angsty teen face

I needed a break from the editing. Not just that, but from everything that involved pushing my fingers down on the keyboard and typing words. F-A-C-E-B-O-O-K are the only letters I typed for like a week, and only in that succession.

Now that my panicked brain is done trying to suck my psyche into itself, I can flex and shrug and say that I took this break on purpose. But some people (i.e my boyfriend) know that I was under a lot of stress from reasons that a) have nothing to do with the writing and b) are sad and boring and nobody wants to really hear about. For reason that I cannot explain because I haven’t seen a shrink in forever, any tiny amount of stress causes my id, ego and superego to split off and run frantic into the different recesses of my mind. This causes a slew of varying personality hiccups that can range from a somewhat catatonic state to insane hyperactivity, to undirected anger and self mutilation, to grandiose ideas and back down to feeling worthless again. It’s dizzying, and I stay on very unsolid ground during this time. Getting to work without breaking down requires an intense amount of focus and determination,

Now that that is over, it is back to the old grind. But first..BLOGGING.


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