Dusting off an oldie.

Taking another break from the editing process, I decided to start working on a story based on a dream I had a while back. The story was started absentmindedly about a year or so ago, and has been lost in the wibbly wobbly expanse of my hard drive ever since. The restarting process was less of a plan, or a big idea, but more of me going “Huh. There’s that.” And opening it up.

The dream that I had was about a girl that meets a boy in a hospital. The boy is dying, and bored with IV’s and doctors and such, so the girl, who is equally bored, decided to take him away on a little trip. They get in trouble, as they should, but how and when and why are all mysteries to me right now. I don’t remember much else about the dream, but I remember the strange sort of love the two characters had for each other. Something between friendship and romance, intense but held back somehow. I want the story to be about that. The friendship that they develop,  the love and trust they build for one another. I think that there is an intensity there that is based on the fact that the guy is dying, and they have this need to do as much damage to the world as they possibly can before he kicks it.

I got about 1000 words in the other day, and I’m switching between this and my final edit, so it’s slow going. But I’ve got something solid to work on besides the edit, which helps ease my jangled nerves a bit.


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