I’m so meta. And my house is haunted.

And my boyfriend and I are crazy.

For the last year I have seriously felt as though my boyfriend and I have been cursed somehow. Every time something good happens, something worse immediately happens to offset it. Mike gets a job? His car breaks. Our finances seem to be steady? Our phone gets disconnected. Sometimes, I feel like its worse when we are trying to fight it. I said to Mike once, “Fuck this curse. How do we fix it?” And then this snowy rainy hail type bullshit started to fall, and the screen on my phone got all smashed, even though it had been sitting unused in my pocket. Stuff like that. The day the phone broke, I decided that for a writer, the best way to break the curse is to write about it. I decided that I would go home and start writing about a couple suffering from a curse, and how they managed to break it.

But by the time I got home another thought occurred to me. Mike and I know for a fact that this place is haunted. We’ve heard the footsteps, the woman crying, I have seen her full body apparition once before. A woman died IN OUR HOUSE for fuck’s sake. So we know that she is here. Our streak of bad luck didn’t begin until we moved into this house. Maybe it is the ghost, trying to push us out? Most of our troubles end up being finance based, and talk of moving somewhere smaller and cheaper always sort of reaches the forefront of our discussions around these times. Maybe she is looking for a way to get us out? Attacking us on a psychic level to try to banish us from her home because we are trying to banish her?

You don’t have to believe me. At the very least, I got a good story idea out of it.

I began to write something a few days ago, about a couple with a child that moved into a nice new house. They start being attacked in various ways by the spirit. But instead of running away screaming, they stubbornly decide to stay put and fight the ghost. I think it’s going to end up sort of like a game of chicken, both sides trying to stay put longer, with only one victor capable of claiming the house at the end.

I’m going to go ahead and say right now that the humans win, because I really hope that that’s actually the case here. Moving is a pain in the ass.


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