The Brits call it being “On holiday,” I think.

Anytime they move away from doing their job, be it taking a day off to sit and stare at a wall, or actually celebrating some big event like a wedding or an actual holiday, they say they are “on holiday.” And apparently, without me even knowing it, Sophie and I have been on holiday for like 2 months. We haven’t touched one of the fairy houses, and we haven’t cracked open the sketchbook this entire time. Each week, I tell myself that we will work on something, and each week, we just don’t. It seemed to me as though she was losing interest in the whole thing, which scares me a little bit, because I know how into this she was, and I know we have something really special here that we can do together.

Well, last Friday, we found out that owning our own studio is not as far off as we were originally anticipating. At some point this week, we will be getting together with the owner of 78th street studios in Cleveland to discuss renting out one of the new studio spaces he has available. With this huge project looming over our heads, my boyfriend and I decided that we really needed to hunker down and get some real work done. We decided that we are “clocking in” at 9 every night, sitting down at the dining room table to get some actual work done. It’s been going on for a few nights now, and I feel as though we have gotten more done in these 3 nights than we have in the last month.

This morning, when Sophie and I were getting ready to start the day, I told her what my boyfriend and I were doing, and I told her about the studio and how important it was for us. I let her know that she has to “go to work” too, and made her promise that at least once a week, we will sit down and try to get some crafting done, be it fairy houses, juju pets or the children’s books. She seemed on board with it, so hopefully tonight we will be able to get back in the swing of things again.

Hopefully by next week I will have something more substantial to post here.


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