Camp NaNoWriMo has begun!

Some people may think that National Novel Writers Month is insane. To try to write a 50,000 word novel, when we have so many other life type things to do each day, just seems insane.

No. What’s insane is doing it twice in one year.

April 1st marks the beginning of Camp NaNoWriMo, which is pretty much just regular NaNoWriMo but with a “going to camp” theme. Since I used November as an excuse to start up a novel I was having difficulty getting going, I decided to do the same thing here. This time around, I’m working on a fantasy novel that I have almost entirely planned out in my head but was having the worst time getting behind it. I’m not a fantasy writer, so I was very much stepping out of my comfort zone by doing this. Since my first draft during this writing sprints are a mess, I don’t want to post any excerpts just yet, but I will tell you a little bit about the story itself. Please feel free to leave any comments, especially if you are a fantasy person, so I know if I’m doing this right.

The story is about Lithayla, a girl born into the warrior tribe called the Jeriwyn. On the land of Alteris, you are born into one of 4 tribes, and have no choice but to follow your elders. Lithayla has spent her life being trained to fight, but ever since she was a child, she had felt as though she didn’t belong to the Jeriwyn. She desperately wanted to be in the Khalfan tribe, the mysterious cloaked shamans and spell casters. She even practices her magic when nobody is around.

One day, she is attacked by the Grunnan, a tribe of rock creatures who were thought to have become extinct, after Septimus, the tribe of royals, ordered their execution. She fights back not with her skills as a warrior, but with a tremendous amount of magic she didn’t know she had. The Grunnan, after finding out that she was part of the tribe that came to kill all of them centuries ago, realized that Lithayla had an amazing skill-even though she was raised as a Jeriwyn, she had the power of a Khalfan, and they knew that they could use her to their advantage. They bring in Tokoli, a trusted friend and member of the Khalfan, to help her perfect her skills. She finds out that they are planning on using her against her own people, but after months of living with these beautiful and simple creatures, and after months of training to use magic and loving it, she starts to side with the Grunnan. She begins to truly hate her tribe for the evil things they have done. And when it is time for the final battle, she makes a decision on whose side to fight for.

I like the layout of the story so far, but writing fantasy is difficult. Lots of made up names and magic tricks, and I’m writing it in a very ancient scrolls kind of way, trying desperately to use a more medieval dialect for them. This is what has been holding me back with this one for so long. But that is the beauty of it, the reason I scrapped the simple ghost story I was planning to do and diving into this head first. I typically don’t back down from a NaNo challenge, and I will manage to push my way through those fifty thousand words. The last time I did this, I managed to create a pretty decent story, even though it was rife with typos, no paragraph breaks or quotations, and lots of grammatical and continuity errors. I’m hoping to get at least there with this one.


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