I’m back!

The hiatus has been long and maddening, I will admit. This site, it kept pulling to me, but up until recently I felt like I really didn’t have anything worthwhile to add to it.

I was at a friends house recently where he had shown me some really beautiful photos that he had purchased from a guy on Facebook. He said that this guy did one of those “photo a day” deals, and he ended up posting some truly beautiful work on his site. I decided that I would like to give this photo a day thing a shot.

I have a really hard time, if those who read this haven’t yet figured out, with keeping to any kind of project my brain conjures up. I go full throttle for a short period of time and just sort of fizzle out. I don’t know why I do this. Most of the time, I truly enjoy what I am doing. I just decide that I don’t want to do it anymore. So this photo a day thing seems like a good way to force myself to keep going with something and not get bored or lazy or frustrated with the whole thing. A photo a day also seems like a great opportunity for me to slow down, enjoy the scenery, and look at things a different way, from a different vantage point. Really seeing as opposed to just looking. I am going to get this started next Monday, and hopefully, I’ll be able to keep up with this one for a while.


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