LTD Commodities is my bitch.

When it comes to furniture, the first place I go is Salvation Army. Next is Craigslist, any other thrift store that exists ever, and lawns on garbage day. Wooden furniture can be sanded and painted. New knobs can be added. Plus, it is essentially recycling. Very eco friendly. When it comes to everything else…

LTD. My bitch.

I have purchased so many items from that place I am disappointed that I haven’t gotten some sort of discount from them. I just scoured their website for stuff for my daughters room, and came out a winner. For about 70 bucks, including shipping, I will be able to get bed sheets, a new blanket, solar powered rope lights for the room, new curtains (for both the window and the bed frame) and a really neat LED lantern that can be used underneath the bed as a reading light or whatever. Found the loft bed on Craigslist for 125 bucks, and that includes a desk. So far, we are at 195 bucks, but I’m planning to sell the day bed she already has for 100 bucks, which brings me down to only 95 dollars spent. With the exception of paint, a storage unit for her clothing, and maybe a fan and a rug and such, I’m pretty much done with everything I would need. I just have to hope that the bed is still available when I have the money.


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