Effing Logistics

I had a thunk this morning that actually got me out of bed way earlier than I had wanted. This was also, in part, due to the fact that both of our cats and one of our dogs were on the bed, their wild hunger pained faces staring at me and silently begging me to feed them. I walked into my kids room and took a good long look at the weird layout of the space that I don’t think was ever originally intended to be a bedroom. I’ve discovered recently that a lot of homes in Lakewood that are labeled two bedrooms are actually one bedrooms with a tiny little office space that people can use as bedrooms if they don’t mind sleeping in a bed that is almost as big as the room. Her room is long and rectangular shaped, with a big window on one wall, and a closet. So laying things out in her room is quite difficult. There is only one place to put the bed, and I can only fit a twin in there. It is really important for me to get a loft bed for her, as it is something that she has really wanted for a while. But if I put a loft bed in her room, the fan will be spinning directly over her sleeping body every night. I don’t know how tall loft beds typically are, but there would be a good chance that I wouldn’t be able to install a fan in her room for fear of her slamming her body into it when she gets out of bed. So now I need to come up with a new way of cooling her room, that isn’t going to cost me too much money.

Oh, did I mention that she only has one outlet in her room? Looks like a battery powered fan is in her near future.


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