Well, that ended quickly.

I wanted to write a blog about decorating my house. I wanted to show people that for a very small amount of money, one could do quite a bit of work. I was all ready to go forward with this. I started putting money in a blue polka dot box, her room was planned out, and a few other spaces had been mapped out in my mind.

But something happened recently that made me realize that this 200 home makeover was not actually going to ever come to fruition.

It’s not a bad thing that happened, though. It is actually more like a dream come true, cheesy as that sounds.

I have wanted to live in a tiny home for a very very long time. We’re talking years. By tiny home, I’m referring mainly to the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, and all little adorable houses that have since been modeled after the Tumbleweeds. These are typically houses that are less than 200 square feet, and many of them are on trailers, making them RV’s, which allow you to bypass building codes and city regulations. I know that 200 square feet for 3 humans, 2 cats and 2 big dumb dogs seems insane, but hear me out.

What I want in life is to be able to work from home. To write and paint and sell my creativity. I want to make a smaller impact on the world, shrink my carbon footprint if you will. I want to be able to spend more time with my family, I want to spend less time cleaning and looking for things in a big house filled with clutter. I want our time to be more meaningful, so stress, no money woes, no distractions. I’m tired of working 40 hours a week and still not knowing if the rent is going to be able to get paid. I want to have extra spending money, so I can do things with my kid without feeling guilty about it.

Look, I’m not going to kid myself. I’m 30. I haven’t finished any sort of schooling yet. With old student loans and hospital bills, I’m probably about 60,000 in the hole. Will we ever be able to get our debts in order, afford a nice big house? Probably not. And even if we did, would I want to be committed to paying for a house for 30 years? Not a chance in hell.

So the tiny house idea appeals to me in many ways. Unfortunately, our city does not share my enthusiasm. I have spent almost six months trying to find a loophole, and while there have been a few, none of them worked for us in quite the way we had wanted them to. I was beginning to lose hope. I think part of the reason for this was that my fiancee was not very keen on talking about the idea of a tiny house. He seemed okay with the idea, but never opened up to me about his wants, his fears, that whole thing. Well, a few nights ago, we finally started talking about the things we wanted in a tiny home. I started doing more research, and found that in our city, the smallest house we can have is 350 square feet. Which, for a family our size, would be considered tiny, I think. We have been bouncing ideas off of each other for a few days now, and he is actually starting to sound pretty excited about the whole thing.

So my plans for redoing the house we are in have officially been cancelled. “The $200 Home Makeover” has now been changed to “This Tiny Life.” And instead of talking about saving up for paint and new furniture, this part of the blog is now dedicated to all things tiny, and our plans and hopes and such involved with geting our tiny house built and ready to live in.


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