I’m not used to being up this late/early.

I don’t have to work until noon tomorrow, which is a bit of an anomaly. I couldn’t remember if I posted a photo when I woke up this morning, so I came on here to check. It said I hadn’t posted anything yet today, and I was confused and worried, until I remembered that it is now technically tomorrow, so of course I hadn’t posted anything yet.

Maybe I shouldn’t be writing anything at all this late. But I made the mistake of falling asleep from 8 until 10 and now I can’t sleep at all.

This is meant to be a tiny house post. Let me try this again.

I’m just thrilled that we have finally settled on something. The back and forth between us has been long lasting and incredibly frustrating. It’s my fault, primarily. I can never seem to stick with any ideas for too long, and I’m constantly second guessing myself. But hearing the hubbs get excited about it and throw in his opinion is refreshing.

We have nothing of the solid sort yet. Just ideas. We have found an interesting way to save money, by pulling out our paychecks and sorting them into envelopes for each bill. We don’t overdraft, and have a better idea of what money we have left over so we can start getting some bills paid off. We have a spot of land that we are hoping to acquire when it becomes available. And we are knocking ideas against each other’s skulls about the house itself. The plan is to make sure it is 100 percent legal, which serves multiple purposes for us. It gives us the opportunity to stay in one place and not have to worry about lying or fear of being evicted. But most importantly, it allows us to show that it is possible to live in a tiny house and make it legal.

We know that there needs to be 70 square feet in each bedroom, and the total square footage of our house can’t be any smaller than 450 square feet. In Lakewood, the rule is 150 square feet per person. We know that the best way to utilize space in a tiny house is by building lofts, so we will have two loft spaces above for sleeping. Since my kid and I are chronic sleepwalkers, a ladder is probably a bad idea, so we are thinking about somehow putting in a small set of stairs, with a walkway leading from one loft to the other.

Besides that, we got nothing. We’ll probably have a small kitchen with all electric appliances, because we want to someday hook up the house to solar power.

So our goal right now is to continue to try to save money and get some bills paid off, so we can get a loan for the land when need be. And we are still trying to figure out if we want to hire an architect to build the house, or buy a plan from the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company and modify it so that its more us.

Either way, we have a lot of work to do.


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