Day 4: Feeling good-bad-good

CAM01865Woke up. Felt alright. Drank juice. Felt like puking. Sat and felt miserable a bit. Forgot to take the dogs out. Took a shower and didn’t actually wash anything. I just stood there and then got out. I forgot that I hadn’t done anything yet. Lost track of time. Made more juice. Felt better. All in the span of about an hour.

Last night, I wasn’t doing very good at all. Nights are really bad for me. I’m utterly exhausted, and most of my detox symptoms worsen in the evening. Sore throat, stomach cramps. My face is getting all pimply and I can’t think straight. But I’ve made it to day 4, which is longer than I’ve ever lasted in a juice fast. So I reached a bump and slowly dragged my sick ass over it.



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