Almost there!

So, I’m feeling better. I understand that I could have continued posting photos, even though I went off the juice fast while recovering, even though I had plenty of free time and could have easily just photographed my ugly broken feet or something. But you have to understand that I really needed to focus on recovering. And most days had me curled up in a tight little ball, sick from my pain medicine with my feet on fire. It was not conducive to my creativity at all.


I am firing this shit up again on Monday. My juice fast begins again on Saturday, Monday I am getting the stitches removed, and I am almost out of Vicodin, so I therefore don’t have to worry about life ending stomach cramps any longer.

I feel good knowing that my life is beginning to move forward again. And I’m glad that I took this time off to recover. The boredom is destroying my psyche in a way that is making me so glad that I’ll have stuff to do soon. Even waking up early to exercise again is making my heart flutter.


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