One month at a time.

I have always had a really difficult time sticking with things. I have an idea, a plan, something that I want to do in order to improve my life in some way, but the desire to keep it going always fizzles out after a few days. Sometimes it takes a crash of depression to give something up. Sometimes, a minor hiccup in the plan will derail me. Sometimes the idea just fades into the background on its own, until suddenly I’m wondering when the last time was that I did something about whatever idea I had had in mind.

I have been reading a lot of stuff that suggests that in order for anything to become a habit, one must do it consistently for 21 days. After that, you have essentially reprogrammed your body to consider that action part of your daily life. Be it running every morning, eating breakfast, packing your lunch, or calling a friend, after those consistent 21 days, it won’t be so difficult to continue anymore.

SO. I have decided to create a blog here that I am calling “Resolution A Month.” The last day of the month, I will post what my next month’s resolution will be. And I will work with and focus exclusively on that one task for the month. By the end of the month, that task will have become a habit and will be easier to do from that point forward. Plus, working on smaller bits and pieces of something will help me to stay focused. I have a lot of small and rather large monthly projects in mind. One goal might be to get the floor in the attic fixed. My fiancee and I want to move our bedroom up there, but the floor needs to be repaired first. It is part of a whole, but trying to focus on redoing the entire attic is daunting and will force me to give up. So, in the above example, the month will be dedicated to saving up money, finding the right flooring to use, getting someone to help us with it, etc. At the end of the month, the floor will be finished and we will be one step closer to getting our room moved in up there.

Some other ideas involve spending more time with friends and family, making a small payment on every bill that gets mailed for the month, not spending anything except for the rent and utility bills, and eating dinner together as a family every night.

On February 29th, I will decide what my March goal is going to be, and spend the month doing my best to stick to it.

And if this works, I will end every month with a new positive habit and something huge to be proud of.


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