So a few weeks ago, this happened.


The description is not very clear in this photo, but at least it is there. My book has been advertised in the newsletter for the Lakewood Public Library in Lakewood, Ohio. Not only has the library decided to purchase a few books for me for their collection, but I am also going to be at the library on April 22nd at 7PM for a signing. This is not my first signing either. On March 29th, I’ll be participating in the local author book fair in Brecksville, Ohio from 1 to 4PM. I am incredibly nervous. I have a difficult time selling myself, and for some reason, the explanation of the novel to other people comes out sounding disconnected and confusing. I’ve been practicing the explanation while I’m alone in hopes that I can get a solid and confident description out so I don’t sound like a complete ass. This could either blow up my confidence or completely crumble it. At both events, I will have books available for sale, and business cards to pass out, and I’m really afraid that I will walk out of there without any books sold. But this isn’t about the money. I just want to get my name out there, and I want people to read my book and appreciate me as a writer. At the very least, however, I will be able to pass out a few business cards and meet a few other authors, which is pretty great.


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