It’s not necessarily tiny, but…

We moved! It was a long and terrifying, tumultuous move.

A.K.A, we moved from the upstairs unit to the downstairs unit of the same house.

We live in a duplex. The neighborhood is awesome, the schools are awesome, my daughter has friends coming out of the woodwork, there are so many of them. But the upstairs unit of the duplex had a whole lot of unused and unusable space that we were essentially paying a lot of extra money to have. The attic was too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer, it was poorly lit, and the floors were sticky with decades of foot traffic and creaked and popped in strange places. We had high hopes for turning the space into an art studio of sorts, but it never could have happened. We also had a sun room that was equally temperature un-regulated and had a sloping floor for some reason. Couldn’t use that either. Not to mention the place was so expensive that we could never get our rent paid on time and were constantly broke and scared about our financial future. We finally made the decision to move. We started looking around for something cheap and small, but couldn’t find anything in the same neighborhood that would allow us to bring our dogs with us. Things were looking bleak. When my fiancee went to pay the rent almost 3 weeks late, he told our landlord that we were looking to move out. What happened next sort of blew me away, and reminded me that there are good people in the world and that sometimes, one’s faith in humanity can be just a tiny bit restored.

He offered to let us move in to the smaller apartment downstairs.

The guy who lived there was moving out in about two weeks, the landlord said. He asked if we wanted to take it. We have given this guy no reason to trust us, as our rent is always insanely late, but he likes us for some reason, and has faith in our ability to get out of the hole we have dug ourselves in. The best part? No security deposit. No moving truck rental. All we had to do was pay the rent, which was now 150 dollars cheaper and one of my bi-weekly paychecks could just about cover. I grabbed some boxes from work, cried with happiness for a little bit, and started to pack.

I vowed for this packing experience to be different from the others. We know now, as a family, about the joys and the benefits of living small and living simply, and I made everyone promise that while packing, if we came across something we didn’t desperately need, we’d get rid of it. We started a pile in the basement for stuff that we plan on selling at a yard sale in July. Once I figure out where my camera is, I’ll take a photo. We created a pile that was about as big as that “Big pile o crap” that Jeff Goldblum commented on in Jurassic Park. Maybe 2 of those piles, actually.

We have everything moved in now, although there are still a few boxes that need to be unpacked. Furniture needs to be purchased, and we have some big plans and ideas for things we want to do with the house. The nice thing is that the walls are white, so we are starting with a nice big blank slate. A small blank slate, actually, as the house is pretty small for the amount of warm bodies we have moving around in it.

So for now, this blog is going to be a collection of design ideas, projects I begin and before and after photos of all of the rooms that we have and the ways in which we decorate them. I am hoping to do a lot of building, and the painting will be done patiently and colorfully, unlike the last house, where I bought paint and slapped it on the walls as fast as I could.

So far, we are all very happy in our tiny little house.


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