Another big step in a tiny direction!

You guys, I’m not kidding here. I think I may have found a way to make our actual tiny life a reality.

The thing is, my mom has a house. It is a house that will be mine when she passes away. That is, thankfully, not something that will be happening in the forseeable future, but the reality is that when it happens, the house is mine. She also has a huge fenced in backyard, which my one big dumb dog loves rolling around in. I asked my mom, partially joking, if she would ever let us build a tiny house and put it in her backyard. She skirted around the subject, and that was that. But she recently began watching a show called “Tiny House Nation,” which is like a home remodel show for those who want to live in a tiny house. Suddenly, our phone calls are taking a much different turn.

“I’m starting to see why you love the tiny houses so much.”

“Living in one really would simplify your life, wouldn’t it?”

“I didn’t think it was possible for something so small to feel so spacious on the inside.”

About a month ago, my dad was bringing my daughter home from his house. Seemingly out of the blue, he said that while we couldn’t have a tiny house in the backyard because of legal purposes (he’s a construction worker and likes to follow the rules) he said there was no reason for us not to add an addition to the existing house that we could use. The positives to this are:

We could customize it exactly the way we want.

We could make it so that it is separate from the main house, so we feel like we’re living in our own place, not in my moms home.

Since it is an addition, there are no rules regarding minimum square foot requirements, bedroom numbers and sizes, etc.

My dad and uncle could build the whole thing for us in about two months.

There are a few downsides to this though, and they are things that my mom and dad, my husband, daughter and I are all trying to work out. Doing this would require us to move in with my family temporarily to begin to save up for the house. Our plan is to stay one year, and use that time to dump all of our money into getting our bills paid and perfecting our credit, so when the time comes, we can take out a loan for the cost of the build. We’re looking at about 50k, which is something we’d never be able to pull together in a year. We also only have one car, and my job and one of his jobs is in the city we live in now, which is about 25 minutes from my mom’s place. We’d also have to find a friend who’s address we could use for the rest of the school year, so my daughter doesn’t have to switch schools halfway through the year. It will require a lot of busses, patience and commuting, which is the main reason we haven’t just jumped in and done this yet. Also, I’m 30, and the idea of moving back in with my mom hurts my ego.

In the long run, however, this entire move will be totally worth it. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices for the things that you love. This tiny house would be custom built and permanent, cheaper than any other home, and right next door (more or less) to my immediate family. We’d also have use of that big backyard that my dog loves so much, with a fire pit in the back and space for a nice garden next spring. It will be tough, clearing out our credit and paying off a decently sized loan, but afterwards, there will be no mortgage, no student loans or car payments left, and no big bills save for the electric and water needed for a space that will end up being about 300 square feet.

This is the closest we have come to getting our tiny house built. I didn’t approve of this all immediately, but I realized that this was the best chance we had. For right now, we’re planning out the house and getting all of the kinks ironed out. But we hope to be in the new house by next month. Hopefully.


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