I have so many projects I want to start!

Making time for artistic endeavors is difficult. Between working full time and taking care of a house and a kid, I feel like I never have the available minutes in the day to be creative. But I have recently begun making an attempt, at least, to devoting a little bit of each and every day to being creative.

Right now, I am focused on sketching. I have a big dog eared sketchbook, and I keep it out so that I can easily see it if I ever feel inspired. I have been forcing myself to draw something every day. Sometimes, I just doodle, draw stick figures and such, and other times, I draw some still life sketched of things I can see from where I am sitting. I started working on a comic recently about a little voodoo doll that comes to life, and I’m trying my hand at those daily comic doodles that you see around the interwebs. I have a separate notebook for inspiration and ideas that I hope to work on the future, which is getting filled up pretty quickly.

It takes 21 days for something to become a habit. So I am hoping that my devoting just a few minutes of each day to being creative, I can make a real habit out of it, and finally be able to devote more of my time each day to my art.


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