I’m back again, I suppose.

I have been trying to make posting on this blog a weekly thing, but I continue to fail miserably. Now that my kid is back in school again, I feel as though it may be a bit easier. I have Fridays off, so after I got her to school today, I rode my bike to the library so I could sit down and write. I am hoping to make a weekly thing out of this little trip of mine. I have managed to get blogs posted for most of the categories on this site today, which I am rather proud of, saving the photo heavy blog posts for a day when I remember my damn flash drive.

The past few months have been pretty busy for me. I am working on the second edit of my novel “Transmission,” which was my NaNoWriMo novel from two years ago. I typically do three or four edits of each story that I write. After I get this one finished, I will go through and fine tune everything, checking for logic errors and grammar issues and whatnot. I have also been working on the first edit of my NaNo novel from last year. It’s tenative title is “Maybe, This Planet,” and I really feel as though I may be able to make a series out of it. I’d like to get the first one completely finished before November, because I plan on doing the second novel of the series during NaNo this year. I have a few story starters and ideas right now besides these two things, but I’ve been rather focused on the two biggies as of late, and haven’t really been able to do much with anything else.

I’m also having “Polarity” edited again, and I hope to get that back soon so that I can start reworking it and making a second edition for it.

That’s about it for this week. Back to work!


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