Antibiotics are the worst.

So, let’s spend a moment getting real grossed out.

I have had a lot of foot issues. Back in February, I had my first surgery on both of them. I was doing a juice fast at the time, but I had to stop because the pain killers I was on ripped holes through my stomach when I wasn’t eating things with substance. Fast forward to a few months later, AKA right this very moment, and I find myself, once again, having issues with my feet that relate directly to my diet.

I am on a heavy, heavy round of antibiotics. I do not approve of having to take this stuff, but my second choice was surgery, and I didn’t want that either, so I chose what I thought was the lesser of two evils. What ended up happening was that the antibiotics flushed all the good bacteria out of my stomach, leaving me nauseated, cramping, clammy and with terrible migraines. I managed to stay vegetarian, at the very least, but there were times where a big glass of milk really was the only thing that would settle my raging stomach.

And again, I’m not really all that upset about this. Sometimes we have to listen to our body. I was doing awful things to mine with 2000MG of antibiotics each day, so if eating some yogurt helps make her temporarily happy again, so be it.

The greatest thing about all of this is that the pills didn’t work, and I’m likely going to need surgery again anyway. Hooray!!


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