I’m published in other places!

So I have recently gotten a couple of things posted on a website called “Offbeat Home.” It’s a site dedicated to tiny houses, lazy people life hacks, things that people are proud of, and advice. Posting a guest blog requires the moderator to read it and approve it to be posted to the site. I have written 3, and have gotten all submitted. This first one, at this point, has had about 920 shares, which I think is pretty impressive. People really seem to love it.


This one is about our home, and our love/hate relationship with it.


This one is a little simpler, but true, and was pretty fun to write. This is the first article that got submitted for these guys.



The site is actually pretty amazing. They have another one called “Offbeat Bride,” which I have gotten all of my wedding inspiration from. I don’t get paid for any of these, but it is nice to see people reading and appreciating my work.


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