Last night, I finished the second draft of my NaNoWriMo novel, Transmission. It has taken, like, two years to finish. I liked where it was going up until the very end, which sort of fizzled out in a way that could only be done when the 50k mark has been hit and there is no longer a desire to write any more that month. Now that I’ve gotten through the mess, added paragraph indents and periods and such (my style of NaNo-ing involves writing nonstop, without capitals, paragraph breaks, quotations, etc. My second draft adds all the basic stuff back in.) I can go back in and work on the story. I found a lot of continuity errors that need to be fixed, and I have to pad the novel about 20 thousand words. I’m looking forward to getting that finished, and then I’ll be looking for someone else to edit it for me. It may be the same person who has been editing my first published novel, Polarity (putting out a second edition eventually), but who knows at this point. One step at a time. I’m also going to get the first chapter of a new story put on WattPad today, too. Busy busy busy.


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