The demand for a pin drop to be heard. (PART ONE!)

I was sweeping underneath my tables after my shift was over, quietly moving the chairs out of the way so I could really get at all the dirty spaces on the floor.  There were a few clinking sounds from time to time, a result of the chair legs hitting the linoleum, but it was barely audible over the talking and loud chewing and smacking noises coming from the other customers.  Tweedle Dim Sum popped up behind me, glaring crookedly as usual.

Tweedle Dim Sum:  God, why you make so much noise?

Dapper Dan:  Its hard to do this without making any noise.

Tweedle Dim Sum:  You so noisy!  You doing this all wrong!  Stop waste my time, stupid girl.  No more sweeping until all customers gone!

Apparently, I don’t even know how to sweep properly.  My entire life up to this point has been a lie.


2 Responses to “The demand for a pin drop to be heard. (PART ONE!)”

  1. I dont know why, I cant help but laugh when I read these. They make my day. I need a life.

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