The vacation.

Tweedle Dim Sum was away on business for a month, leaving Tweedle Dum Sum in charge with another employee.  Lets call this other employee Lucy, because, well, it is actually her name, and she was nice to me so I won’t make fun of her.  Apparently, Lucy brought out what little kindness Tweedle Dum Sum had hiding in the deepest regions of her subconscious and she was being pretty civilized with me while Tweedle Dim Sum was gone.  I spent a good portion of the month actually enjoying my job, which was nice.

When Tweedle Dim Sum got back, she was smiling.  It was terrifying.  She said hello to a few other employees, and even talked nicely to Derek, the employee that she hated just a little bit less than she hated me.  He came up to me after their conversation.

Derek: She was nice to me.  She is never nice to me.  Should I be worried?

Arfegnuggen McDuggen: Well, she hasn’t talked to me yet.  If she is nice to me, then you should be worried.

Derek:  Haha, this is true.

A little while later, while I was getting drinks for a table, I saw Tweedle Dim Sum walk into the service area.  I had been respectfully avoiding her since she came back, not wanting to instigate anything and sort of hoping she would just leave without saying anything at all to me.  She came up next to me and stared at me for an uncomfortably long time.

Arfegnuggen McDuggen: Welcome back.  (I had a huge smile on my face.)

Tweedle Dim Sum:  You can’t just stand here and doing nothing.  People are waiting to be sit, and you just doing nothing.  Quit be so lazy and get to work.

And off she went.  I think I need to add here that, as I said already, I was busy at the fountain getting drinks for a table.  Also, there was a hostess on duty whose job was to seat tables, and ALSO, there were no guests waiting to be seated.

Don’t worry, Derek.  Shes back to her normal self again.


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